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Enjoy the Weekend: Odds, Sods and Jerramy Stevens

Is there anything funnier than when a scientist goes batshit crazy?


Cardinals have the bye, no team the Hawks will be facing in the regular season is televised in my area, the weather is beautiful and nothing that happens the next two days should matter much to the Seahawks. I'm going to get out of the house, maybe get a haircut. Here's a quick odds and sods post about some of the extracurricular Field Gulls happenings.

My Jerramy Stevens Challenge squad is disappointing me with their success. I mean, this was supposed to be a challenge, but I'm absolutely rolling. The Dead Peds are 5-2 thanks to my grabbing Kenny Watson off the waiver wire. Watson's a career backup that's probably been better than Rudi Johnson for the past two seasons but because he's been typecast as a scatback and Johnson's a bullheaded feature back or whatever such nonsense, hasn't had a chance to start. In a league where teams regularly keep active 5th string linebackers, so few teams realize that two complimentary backs, run to their strengths in a committee, is better than all but the very most elite backs and at a fraction of the cost. Okay, rant over. Here's my current lineup.

QB Philip Rivers
RB LaMont Jordan
RB Kenny Watson
RB/WR [ed:]Najeh Davenport
WR Lee Evans
WR Calvin Johnson
TE Antonio Gates
D/ST Giants
K Stephen Gostkowski

Bench Jerramy Stevens
Bench Willis McGahee
Bench Larry Fitzgerald
Bench Selvin Young
Bench Michael Turner
Bench Patrick Crayton
Bench Jeff Garcia

My hubris caught up with me in the FGOI League as I've slipped to 4-3, thanks in no small part to Jon Kitna being broken into ten pieces. Think they should have drafted Joe Thomas? Luckily I face paper tiger extraordinaire Lard Bellies this week. Yo Owens, you have four positions active this week, you might want to adjust your roster. The Vantuckie Alkies have broken out to a commanding league, but appear to be forfeiting this week's matchup against Scoring Challenged.


Despite Joe Gura staking an unfair 13 point head start in the KSTW challenge, I've closed the gap to 4, thanks to a little football knowledge, 5 minutes a week of thought, some late Saturday nights and lots of good beer. This week as a change of pace I've decided to make all my picks stone sober and in under 2 minutes. The biggest difference? Sobriety allows me to click on my teams faster. For the degenerate gamblers among us, here are my picks. Home team first, pick in bold.

Tennessee Titans / Oakland Raiders
Carolina Panthers / Indianapolis Colts
Miami Dolphins/ New York Giants
Chicago Bears / Detroit Lions
St. Louis Rams / Cleveland Browns
Minnesota Vikings / Philadelphia Eagles
Cincinnati Bengals / Pittsburgh Steelers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Jacksonville Jaguars
San Diego Chargers / Houston Texans
New York Jets / Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots / Washington Redskins
San Francisco 49ers / New Orleans Saints
Denver Broncos / Green Bay Packers

I may be nutty for picking against any team led by the indomitable Quinn Gray, but call it a hunch. I'm taking tomorrow off and watch some football, takes some notes, sit around in my robe all day--the life of Kings.