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Week 8 DVOA

The Hawks stay at 10th, though their VOA ranks 5th overall and 1st in the NFC. No time to add any commentary or list the notables as I'm consumed finishing a paper. Feel free to use this thread to discuss the Hawks DVOA and the individual data as it's posted.

The Hawks have a 79.2% chance of winning the division and an 83.8% chance of making the playoffs in some fashion or another, but only a 19.2% chance of earning the all important bye.

None of the individual stats are updated. For the most part, with the Hawks not playing this last weekend, they should be unchanged. But because of the constantly evolving nature of opponent adjustment, DVOA and DPAR may shift slightly. Shaun Alexander, for instance, will be negatively affected by the Bengals allowing 160 yards of net rushing and 9 rushing first downs to the Steelers.