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Week 5 DVOA

Another busy day for me, but the DVOA rankings are up for the statistically minded.

Seattle is now 12th, but has the easiest schedule left in football ahead of them.

Here's a brief breakdown:

15th Ranked Offense (1.1%)

11th Ranked Defense (-4.7%)

6th Ranked Special Teams (6.2%)

Some of this is just now getting updated...

Shaun Alexander: 1.0 DPAR, -10.9% DVOA; -3.1 DPAR receiving, -50.6% DVOA

Matt Hasselbeck: 25.5 DPAR, 22.3% DVOA

Bobby Engram: 10.1 DPAR, 33.9% DVOA

Deion Branch: 8.9 DPAR, 22.7% DVOA

Nate Burleson: -1.1 DPAR, -21.0% DVOA

Ben Obomanu: -0.5 DPAR, -24.3% DVOA

Marcus Pollard: 3.8 DPAR, 30.8% DVOA