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Open Thread: Sunday

This is just a thread for anything football related anyone wants to talk about. I'm watching Packers/Vikings. Ryan Grant looks a like a hell of a waiver wire pickup for the fantasy players out there. Check that remaining schedule:

Week 15: Rams

Plus he satisfies the fantasy back checklist:

His team is winning

He's won the carries

He looks good

Flipping through, I'm also watching Denver/KC and the Nature replay on OPB, I ran across The Chris Mathews Show and Dan Rather turns to Mathews and says "Are we talking about redistricting, or are we talking about reapportionment?" No, actually they were discussing the likability of Hillary Clinton versus the likability of Barack Obama. Obama is the more likable. Asked if he thought this would decide the election, Rather responded that he did. That with the exception of Richard Nixon, the more likable candidate always wins. Isn't that sad? Not platform. Not decision making. Not leadership. The most likable. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Democracy just doesn't work.  

A Chief just landed a covert low blow on Brandon Marshall. God love football.

How did I pick against the Packers?