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Game Day Open Thread - Week 10: San Francisco at Seattle

November 12, 5pm Pacific
Qwest Field

It's the date you circled on your calendar at the beginning of the season! The two NFC West superpowers battling for divisional supremacy! It'll be a... a... dogfight... yeah...

Just like last year, our home contest against the 49ers will likely be accompanied by wind and rain. Unlike last year, the wind won't be a hurricane and the rain won't fall sideways.

Talk about the game here, and also at the SF blog Niners Nation, with whom we've apparently begun a freshly hostile relationship. Editor's Note: Yeah, how about that. As far I know it doesn't extend to me and Fooch.

The Game Previews are now underneath. I'll try and wrap up a midseason grades post for the offensive skill position players. That will be beneath this and the game previews.

Update: Join me at KSTW for some Q&A.