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Gameday: Press Coverage

Today's Veterans Day, the date that marked the end of Word War 1. I figure the end of a great war is about as unambiguously good a thing as can be known, so let's rejoice. I'm an odd fellow, with odd ideas, odd ethics and odd politics, but I'm happy to be an American. I love American Culture, our music, our movies, our writers - our preoccupation with independence. On day's like today, I think about how lucky I am to be born here.

I have nothing to do today but blog about the Hawks, that means I'll be working on game previews and midseason recaps for the entire day leading up to the game. I don't have ESPN, so I'm going to have to find somewhere to watch the game tonight (That also means I won't be able to tape the game - if anyone out there could possibly get me copy of the game it would be much appreciated.) After the game is over I will again be chatting with Joe Gura from KSTW, hopefully this time it won't be called off after 15 minutes of silence.  (What's the old parable about the opening of Disneyland?)