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Ultra Quick Cap: Seahawks 30 - Bears 23

Hi folks, I'm just getting in. It was fun watching the game with Paul at Qwest Field. I dare say, Seattle is becoming a true-blue football town.

A couple very quick observations:

Unless shaun returns a different back, I can no longer argue for a carry share.  The difference between Morris and Alexander is now as simple as the difference between an NFL caliber running back and one that should retire. This is a demonstrably better team with Maurice Morris starting. From his ability as a receiver, his superior short yardage play, his chemistry with the line, to his clearly better rushing ability, it would be a mistake to give Alexander any carries upon his return.

On the scoreboard, Seattle won by just 7, but on the field the Hawks were the clearly better team. Some big play gaffes (especially on the first Benson run where there was no backside containment), some fraidy cat kicking and a fumble that would have been overturned were it challenged kept the game artificially close. These last two weeks Seattle has looked like a contender - that's good, because the Cards aren't letting up.

Game Ball: Matt Hasselbeck/Patrick Kerney. Great game receiving for Hackett, but his 59 yard reception came after a Bears DB badly blew coverage and dropping the ball in the end zone literally cost Seattle 4 points. Beck, meanwhile is playing out of his mind. He was never phased, made all the right reads, even knew when to eat it when Bears defenders were coming untouched. Kerney also had a fantastic game, and got a good deal of his production late with the game on the line. His forced fumble put the capper on the match. This is as optimistic as I've felt since the season started. Once they get into the playoffs, this Hawks squad can definitely make some noise.

Update: Sorry folks this isn't better or more insightful, but I had a little too much fun - if you'd call it that, last night and feel pretty sick and tired right now. I just wanted to add that The Tape series will return tomorrow.