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Week 11 DVOA: Mercury Rising

I'm going to just come out and say it, I hate the nickname Momo. Shrug pointed out that whenever he thinks of Maurice Morris he thinks of Mercury Morris from the 70s Dolphins. To me, that's a hell of a nickname. Can we appropriate that? Because I think we should. Again paraphrasing Shrug, Momo sounds like a pet name for an Italian grandmother. Here are this week's DVOAs with some limited commentary.

Overall: 9.4% (10th)

Passing Offense: 17.6% (11)

Rushing Offense: -19.6% (30)

Passing Defense: -2.1 (11)

Rush Defense: -1.4% (21) This is one of many very frustrating stats for the Hawks. Seattle's front seven ranks 8th in adjusted line yards, but Seattle ranks 21st in overall rush defense. For years Seattle has had some of the best run stopping DBs in football. This season that's all fallen apart. Brian Russell is a cipher in run support, and his presence on the starting squad has forced Grant into the role of strong safety. Grant is not a strong safety. Rounding out the hit list of sucky tackling DBs, Kelly Jennings is the waifer thin wicket we feared he would be. Not that I pine for the days of Kelly Herndon, but it'd be nice if Jennings wasn't such a liability in run support. We can only hope he can put on a little muscle without losing the speed that's made him a hell of a second year cornerback.  

Special Teams: 5.8% 6th The Hawks ST gets a royal kick in the jimmy thanks to DeHaven's "strategy".

The Objectivist: 53.2 DPAR 10th, 18.5% DVOA 14th

shaun: -2.2 44th, -17.1% 43

Mercury: 4.6 30th, 2.4% 21st; Receiving: 4.4, 45.5%

Weaver: 1.1, -.5%; Receiving: 5.1 8th, 31.2% 5th

B-Easy: 18.1 10th, 14.5 23  Engram is just. freakin. awesome.

Hacks: 8.3 41, 21% 14

Gloves: 6.8 46, 8.9% 32

Burly: -.6 65, -17.7% 67

The Return of the Time Machine: 7.2 14, 40.4% 4 How good was this free agent signing?