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Rams Depth Chart: Offense

Something light for a slow day.

Left Tackle: Alex Barron: Barron is a physically gifted player. His major contributions thus far are as a run blocker. He's slow off the snap, making him more vulnerable to the edge rush and more prone to false starts.

Left Guard: Milford Brown: The man that made Darryl Tapp's reputation returns, but now as a guard. Brown clearly has problems in pass pro, and at 6-7 and 330 he's not built like a guard. Playing guard may mask his poor agility. Overall, still a better pass protector than run blocker.

Center: Andy McCollum: McCollum is sort of the Rams' Chris Gray: 37, savvy but with a short range of effectiveness and some fatigue issues.

Right Guard: Nick Leckey: Hawks fans should be happy that Richie Incognito is out for the season. The Rams were pretty much unstoppable running up the gut last season (2), but now are a bit below average (19). Leckey is a center playing guard, and, as is so often the case with centers playing guard, is more a finesse pass blocker than any kind of run blocker.

Right Tackle: Brandon Gorin: Gorin's most notable achievement is his Super Bowl victory with the New England Patriots. He played behind Tom Ashworth before Ash was lost for the season because of injury. That New England offensive line performed well pass blocking and run blocking, but apparently did not credit Gorin for either, as he was traded the next season before spending a year out of the league. It's hard to get a good read on Gorin.  

Overall this is a line geared for pass blocking, with a lot of age, limited talent, but that is less likely to allow the parade of sacks that stifled the Rams in week 7.

WR1: Torry Holt: Declining.

WR2: Isaac Bruce: Bruce has had a fine career and his seeming bounce back last season made many think he might have one more season in him. Bruce isn't a bad receiver, yet, but his ability to get separation has declined and his ability to break big plays has all but vanished.

TE: Rand McMichael: Rather than a prototypical tight end, McMichael is more like a typical tight end: Decent hands, average size and can stretch the seam.

RB: Steven Jackson: When healthy, Steven Jackson is the truth. A fantastic receiver, a bruising interior rusher and competent outside rusher, Jackson is a near perfect talent on a substandard team. Seattle likes to gang tackle - they'll have to.

FB: Brian Leonard: It's not that Leonard is a bad player, as a fullback he's a very good rusher and receiver, almost as good as Leonard Weaver, but just that he never deserved a second round pick. I've read he's a good lead blocker, I'll believe it when I see it.

QB: Marc Bulger: Poor Marc Bulger. When the Rams offensive line was good Mike Martz found ways for him to get hit, and now that they're bad he still gets hit but without the explosive passing game. His recent spate of injuries, age, talent (versus skill) and the overall quality of the Rams offense makes me think Rams fans will soon be blaming Bulger for an early decline that's outside of his control.  

A unit mostly populated by has-beens nearing washed up. Jackson is a dangerous rusher, but his team hasn't an ounce of run blocking. Holt is still a very good player, but is declining and asked to do too much. Basically, a more impressive collection of names than players.