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A couple final thoughts

If Branch is inactive, the Hawks will likely play in the same "Seneca Wallace Package" they employed against the Rams two weeks ago. That is, shallow crosses, designed roll outs, screen passes, drags, curls, and bombs. It's safe and should the defense step up, effective, but not a package you want in a potential shootout. Even if they are forced into the SWP, watch for D.J. Hackett's deep presence to open up space short and short-middle. The biggest beneficiary should be Nate Burleson and Leonard Weaver.

If you need a reason to care about the Chargers/Vikings game, besides the awesome offensive talent on display (Three future HOFers: Hutch, Gates and Tomlinson, and one HOF talent if he can stay healthy: Peterson), watch Kenechi Udeze. Udeze, sorry if I sound like a broken record, is one of the first defensive linemen to return from Microfracture Knee Surgery. Watch the once and possibly again promising defensive end's burst out of the blocks and short area agility. What Udeze can do is instructive to what we might be able to expect from Marcus Tubbs next season.