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The Tape: I take it I've told you about my condition.

Overtime. The Hawks win the flip and start their drive on their own 30. Against a soft rush, Beck improvises a rollout and completes a 17 yard strike to Bobby Engram. After a two yard dish, and an incomplete forced by a blown block by Lock, the Hawks are staring down third and eight. Seattle sets up 4 wide, Weaver the lone back; at the snap, Cleveland rushes 3 but gets pressure when Lock blows another block allowing Orpheus Roye to get free. Sensing the rush, Beck scrambles, catches a good block by Sims and dives...for...the...first! The officials measure, review and overturn, rightly determining that Beck only rushed for 7 - and a half. The Seahawks go for it. Half-a-yard and the drive's sustained, Seattle will have 3+ downs to crawl 10 yards into the outer limits of Brown's range. The Hawks break huddle with three wide receivers, Will Heller on the left end and Morris the lone back. At the snap, Rob Sims pulls, Chris Spencer springs upright against two Browns defenders and is exploded back, Sims glances off his blocker, and Morris does little more than plunge ahead into the barely visible crease between Sims and the collapsed Walter Jones. He's well short of the first. Browns' ball. Game over.

Hawks ball, 2:07 on the clock, Seattle down by three. Beck scrambles for 11, completes a pair of dinks to Bobby Engram, the second for the first and midfield. Next play, Beck surveys left, turns right, ignores Weaver, stutter steps and then whips the ball into double coverage. Incomplete. Drive alive. Game alive. With 1:21 remaining, Beck drops back and finds Hackett on the edge for 15. The Hawks are at Cleveland's 35 and within Brown's range. One play later, it's 2nd and 6, 54 seconds remain in regulation. Mike Holmgren calls a run, Morris nets 4 hard earned yards, but 22 seconds are run off the clock. Next play, incomplete pass - it's now second and ten, the Hawks are 15 yards from the endzone, but with no timeouts. 18 seconds remain. Draw. Morris picks his way through the scrum, breaks an arm tackle, finds space in the second level, but is corralled at the Browns 4 yard line with time slipping away. Beck quick-spikes it. Brown converts the field goal. Overtime.

Cleveland ball, down 5, with 7:49 on the clock. A forced hold by Bernard pins Cleveland at their 12. It's 1st and 20, Anderson drops, finds Grant in no man's land between two receivers, hits Jurivicius in the hands, Vicious runs untouched before finally forced out by Lofa Tatupu a yard past the marker. First down. Anderson then picks apart the Hawks' deep zone underneath, converting two long third downs to Winslow, the second to pull the Browns to the Hawks' 1. Lewis rips through the line, scores the TD and gives the Browns their first lead of the game. Hawks ball, 2:07 on the clock, Seattle down by three.

"What the Hell just happened?" Hawks ball, up 2, with 12:36 remaining. Holmgren has all but abandoned the run game. Beck carves up Cleveland's soft zone, converting passes of 10+ yards to Morris, Hackett and a 26 yard strike to Engram that pulls the Hawks into the Browns' redzone. On 1st and 10 from the 14 Holmgren dials up his once great goal line back. Alexander churns dirt for 2. Two plays later the drive stalls. Brown converts the gimme field goal and the Hawks are up a not irrelevant 5 points. Vexingly, the 65 yard drive burns only 5 minutes from the clock. Cleveland Ball, down 5, with 7:49 left on the clock.

A long third down conversion keyed by a blown coverage by Babineaux allows the Browns to drive into the fourth quarter, down 8, but with first and ten from the Hawks' 24. Following a dropped pass by Winslow and stuffed a Jamal Lewis run, the Browns are facing their 6th 3rd and long of the contest. Clevenland spreads `em wide, splits out 4, counting Winslow, with an offset back right. Seattle responds with a 4-2 nickel. Russell impotently blitzes the edge, but Tru plays man to perfection, breaks on the Braylon Edwards quick slant and ankle tackles him short of the first, forcing the Browns into 4th and 2. 4th, 2, Browns break huddle empty backfield, 5 wide. Seattle is again in a 4-2 Nickel, with Tatupu and Kevin Bentley spread outside the ends. At the snap, Hawks rush 4, Craig Terrill spins through his man, pressures Anderson. Bentely and Babs double Vicious to the left. Tatupu stutter steps, attempts to jam Winslow, fails, loses a step, blows coverage and watches as Winslow reels in a quick-out for 13 and 1st and goal from the Seattle 2. Tatupu looks back at Bentley, taps his chest and then raises his hands as if to say "What the Hell just happened?"