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Odds, Sods and Jerramy Stevens

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"I'm sure you did nothing to stop this, you scavenger of human misery." -Lisa Simpson

My dead pedestrians are down 104 - 89 in the second round of a two round playoff. Thank you very much, ESPN. Here's the current roster:

Qb: Kurt Warner
RB: Willis McGahee
RB: Jerious Norwood
RB/WR: Larry Fitzgerald
WR: Patrick Crayton
WR: Deion Branch
TE: Antonio Gates
D/ST: Packers
K: Stephen Gostkowski

Jerramy Stevens
Lee Evans
Calvin Johnson
Kenny Watson
Najeh Davenport
David Garrard
Anthony Gonzalez

I wish I could start 4 WRs, I'm kicking myself for sitting Anthony Gonzalez. I'm facing the perfunctory Brady and a bunch of scrubs dead team. Unfortunately, those scrubs include Frank Gore, who's going off as we, eh, type. Listening to a little Marvin...Have drunk this --->

Ruination is my favorite beer. Very dry, very hoppy. The Optimator was very good, kind of sweet, warm. The India Ale was pretty mediocre. It tasted like Pabst with airs. Bear in mind, I don't know shit about beers.

"I have very little money left, and I've got no sense and I'll have none of your goddamn impudence."

My primary, and near only, memory of my grandfather on my father's side is going to the track w/ him an' my family when I was seven. I bet on a 99-1 horse and it won. Then it was disqualified for kicking another horse or something. My GrandFather is a gambleholic, but it gives him reason to live.

Most know about the Patriots 21 point spread over the Jets. Frankly, I wouldn't touch that line with a 10 ft clown pole. For those who enjoy losing odds.

Bears V. Vikings -11: This is all about Kyle Orton, and considering what the young man did in 2005(-36% dvoa), I'm willing to buy that. Take the over. Two teams passing in opposite directions.

Cardinals +4 v. Saints: Take the dog but not the points.

Lions +10 v. Chargers: 10 points? Did they fire Norv Turner and hire Deep Blue? I don't buy it, the Lions may not win, but they score a lot of points losing.

And remember, when you're right 52% of the time, you're wrong 48% of the time.

I admit it, I don't like Brian Russell, but considering what I've seen from Jordan Babineaux, I'm a little scared about the tradeoff.

Prediction for tomorrow:

Seahawks 34 - Panthers 17