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Game Day Open Thread - Week 13: Seattle at Philadelphia

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December 2, 10:00am Pacific
Lincoln Financial Field

Amazing fact: If the Seahawks beat the Eagles Sunday, they will have pieced together their second-best regular-season winning streak since (re)joining the NFC West. Only once since 2000 have they won more than three games in a row in a single season. I think you all know when that was. So hey, that'd be good, right? Sure. Sure it would.

(In fact, the Seahawks have only had two winning streaks of 4 or more in the last 20 years, not counting winning streaks that ran from one season to the next.)

The last time we played the Eagles in Philly, the Seahawks wrapped it up so early that we were forced to have "state-of-the-relationship" talks with our girlfriends five minutes in the third quarter. Probably won't be that way this time, so tell the little minx you need your space. And some chips and salsa, if she's going to the kitchen. Where she belongs! Hoo-hah! Am I right, guys??

Just joking, ladies. I'd actually like some beer.

Bone-crushing commentary both here and over at Bleeding Green Nation.

Seriously, I was just joking, honey. Don't get all Lysistrata on me.