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Quick Cap: Seattle 28 - Philly 24

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When Seattle has a shiny new coach next season, and are riding an elite D and a legitimate rushing attack to a first round bye, we'll look back at this season and realize how much Holmgren's star had faded. It's no shame, we all decline, I just wish I did not need to watch it.

Once again the Hawks offense sputtered, seemingly living in third and long. Once again, no amount of logic or evidence can convince Holmgren not to run Alexander at a 4 to 1 clip versus Morris. It's draining, so let's not flog Secretariat, let's talk about the fun stuff.

Lofa Tatupu's Nuts. An exceptional cover backer and a true defensive Qb, his play spearheaded a slick if sloppy showing by our defense. Somewhere in between those three picks, he also helped keep Westbrook in check, including two tackles for a loss. The guy's a rock, his play either solid or spectacular. The day Tim Ruskell drafted him he brought ferocious spirit to the Hawks D. The defensive line is thick with penetrators, blow up artist as likely to put the heat on the Qb as deek rush and then stifle the screen.

Kerney is thriving in this system. He stays fresh, is able to play a little tackle and stunt like Knievel. Mebane is a man stopper. Bernard is still criminally underrated. Tru is a pro bowler on the way up (just 26!). Jennings is a second year man with great coverage skills and precocious coverage instincts. Grant's a hell of a run stuffer for a free safety. Brian Russell is most noteworthy for his CO2 emissions, but'll be gone soon. And, damn if Tapp ever personifies his nickname.

Yep, this is a unit on the rise. And for the second week, they bailed out Holmgren's play calling blunder(s). If I survive until next season, I'll be glad to see what they can do.

Don't look now but 12-4 is in reach.

Game Ball: Tats with the mad turnover prowess.