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Emptying the Notebook: Sean Locklear

We'll skip Chris Gray, because if you read my "The Tape" articles, Gray's suckiness has been detailed in some, eh, detail. That brings us to Mr. Steady, a player that's played so well, you might not have noticed him.

Sean Locklear

Lock has had a very quiet season. For a right tackle, that's about the best thing you can say. He's rarely featured on rushes, both because Alexander has no wheels to the outside, and because Gray sucks. As a pass blocker, Locklear routinely removes his man from the play. His best move, as I've mentioned before, is a shadow to the outside, plus a push that uses the defenders' own momentum to force him to the ground. Lock's greatest weaknesses are power and endurance. He doesn't match well against larger 3-4 ends, and when Beck decides to chill out in the pocket, he'll occasionally quit on his block. Those are pretty minor quibbles. Lock looks as strong as ever heading into the playoffs, a solid right tackle that unfortunately, for Seattle and the team that signs him, will be paid like a franchise left tackle.