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Emptying the Notebook: Chris Spencer

Chris Spencer

Chris Spencer had his worst game of the season against the Saints. He and Chris Gray were routinely beaten back by the Saints mediocre interior linemen. At that point, I was pretty deeply concerned that Spencer may be more injured than he was letting on, because he just wasn't showing much power as a blocker. I also noted for the first time that his footwork was iffy to bad. That showed up again against the Browns, but as I noted then: "on Spencer's blown block Alexander needed only to run around the fallen defender (he had, in fact, tripped over the tripped Spencer) to get to the edge and two pulling blockers, but on both plays Alexander froze, allowed Cleveland to swarm around him and then futilely cutback into the pile." In that same game, Spencer would fail to get push on a 4th and 1 conversion in overtime. That about ended the bad play from Spencer, though, and he's since shown the power and pull blocking ability that made him a first round pick. Against the Panthers he flew out on an excellent pull block on a Morris rush that would have converted the first and likely the score if not for Gray blowing his block. Because Gray and Spencer most frequently combine for combo blocks, the perception of Spencer's play, beyond all other players, suffers from Gray's complete incompetence. Spencer all too frequently can be seen cleaning up Gray's mess. Next season, if Spencer and Sims team up on Seattle's right side, and Seattle signs or drafts a fulltime replacement for Alexander, don't be surprised if the two form an intimidating pair of power blockers, perhaps the NFC's best.