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Holmgren's gonna show you how. How he runs starters, sure, runs them into the ground.

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(Since 1997)

Winning Percentage of Team's Following a Wildcard Bye: .725

Point Differential: 391+

Where's the lost momentum?

The only thing than can be accomplished on Sunday is injury.

Update: I figure a lot of people are saying "okay, smartass, then who would you start?" So, in answer to that:


LT: Sean Locklear
LG: Rob Sims
C: Chris Spencer
RG: Porkchop Womack
RT: Ray Willis
WR1: Nate Burleson
WR2: Ben Obomanu
WR3: Courtney Taylor
WR4: Deion Branch
TE: Will Heller
QB: Seneca Wallace
FB: Leonard Weaver
RB: Maurice Morris


RE: Baraka Atkins
NT: Brandon Mebane
DT: Ellis Wyms
LE: Jason Babin
ROLB: Leroy Hill
MLB: Niko Koutouvides
LOLB: Will Herring/Lance Laury
CB1: Jordan Babineaux
CB2: Kevin Hobbs
FS: Deon Grant
SS: Mike Green

First, plenty of teams play their starters on special teams. I see no reason the scrubs can't take on double duty for one game.

Locklear has the skills to be a left tackle, and played the position in the preseason. Sims and Spencer are young, and could use the experience. Though I'm logically opposed to the notion that a team or player is somehow going to gain an ability in the last game of the season they were not able to gain in the previous 15-18 (including preseason). Give old man Gray a freakin' puff. Willis is healthy and it's about time Seattle sees what they have in their young right tackle.

Shaun should be given goal line carries only and no more than 10. Wallace starts, that's a no brainer. No Hasselbeck = No shot in the playoffs. Nate Burleson starts at flanker, but no return duties. The Hawks have excellent depth at WR, work the young guys. See what they can do. Branch is the default #4, he should see 8+/- snaps. Obviously, you rest Pollard. You rest Engram. Weaver stays in, another young guy who could "learn some things" or whatever.

I'm much more aggressive subbing guys on defense. The Hawks nonexistent rushing attack has put a ton of stress on the D. They've faced more plays than all but five teams. Plus, defensive injuries are more common. Plus, plus, the Hawks have excellent depth on D. No way Kerney should see the field for a second on Sunday, but since that's unavoidable (Dude, rightly, wants the sack crown) play him only on third downs. Mebane was played sparingly in the first 5 contests, and should be fine. Leroy Hill is subbed out a ton, so shouldn't have a ton of wear on his tread. Tats has been wearing down, spending an alarming amount of time on the sidelines. He's a big hitter in a small body, and should be given time to rest up. Julian Peterson is irreplaceable and should be played sparingly. Deon Grant can play free safety where the chance of injury is much lower. That gives Brian Russell a chance to heal up. Both cornerbacks are indispensable. Jennings and or Josh Wilson should play nickelback. Preserve Tru at all costs. Zero snaps.

This team probably doesn't win, but who cares? Every indispensable player is protected, the depth isn't strained, a few young players who need it get additional starting snaps, and a few question marks who may or may not be with the team next year (Babin, Willis, Green, Hobbs, Babs) get a chance to show what they can do. Plus, key starters are rested. Gray, Alexander, Jones and Tats all could be expected to play better after a week off.