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Emptying the Notebook: Bobby Engram

Bobby Engram

Engram's having the best season of his career, but at the same time, he's playing almost exactly the same as he's played since signing with Seattle in 2001. He's still a possession, slot receiver that rarely works downfield, is little threat to break one, but a first down machine. His DVOA is in the high teens/low 20s (once), where it's been for 6 of his 7 seasons in Seattle. His receptions per first down (1.5) are only slightly up from his average as a Hawk (1.4). What's remarkable is that he's done all this as the Hawks most targeted receiver. Not #1, just most targeted. That, in many ways, is a credit to Mike Holmgren. With Hackett and Branch ineffective and/or injured and a sputtering running game, Holmgren found ways to target B-Easy as many as 21 times in a single contest (Cleveland).

Engram is about as consistent as a receiver gets. Healthy, he's a drive-extending asset. However given his career high in receptions (and thus tackles taken), age and recent medical history, he's also an injury risk. A major injury risk.