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Emptying the Notebook: Craig Terrill

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Craig Terrill

I'll do a quickie here as my brain attempts to boot up. That is, as my third cup of coffee percolates.

Craig Terrill couldn't make the roster of almost any other team in the NFL. He doesn't tackle well. He gets lost in the pile and therefore is a liability against the run. But damn does he explode off the snap! He forces false starts, disrupts the pocket, and can even provoke a foolish cutback or two from a running back. And that's Terrill in a nutshell. In most systems he would sit on the bench and be a disaster if/when forced into regular action. The Hawks know how to take a very limited player and maximize his usefulness, as both an excellent penetrative force on passing downs and good regular sub to keep the rest of the line healthy. That's a real credit to John Marshall and his most valuable skill/tendency.