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Quick Cap: Momentum Lost

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Okay, the sky probably isn't falling, and this game probably won't have a major impact on anything that will happen in the playoffs. Not trying to be alarmist, but the Hawks did hurt themselves, literally and figuratively, and in a game where nothing else of import happened, it's what I had to write about. So...

Beck, injured right, throwing hand. Even if it doesn't keep him from playing, it will affect his play. If you believe in momentum,'s lost. Many injuries are not fluke, or single play injuries, but the cumulative effect of being hit over and over again. This game has injured Seattle and made it more likely they will suffer injuries throughout the playoffs.

Leonard Weaver and Maurice Morris sure have looked awesome, huh? Bad defense, sure (26th to be exact), but kicking butt is kicking butt. The Falcons are not Oberlin, y'know?

Not much else to say, this game was meaningless, and all it cost us was the health of our quarterback, nickelback and pro bowl corner.