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Quick Cap: Hawks Win NFC West Title

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When you got it, flaunt it.

Well it was a little dirty and I may hate myself in the morning, but, damn, was it satisfying. Celebration Time.

Game Ball: Tim Ruskell. In 2005 Ruskell took over an average, offense-first Hawks squad that couldn't scare a squirrel and turned it into a Super Bowl contender. Two years later, they are the model for success in the NFC. His first draft he traded up for Lofa Tatupu, a decision near universally derided by draft experts. Tatupu has become a Mike Singletary clone. This past offseason Ruskell signed Patrick Kerney, a move that looked illogical to even the informed. Kerney has become one of the great Seattle free agent signings of all time. Ruskell has turned the Hawks into a perennial contender with no window, only year in, year out consistent contention. The city of Seattle is fortunate to have one of the very best executives in sports.