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2006 Season Review: Julian Peterson

The Ballad of Muscly Arms (Set to the tune of "Stuck in the Middle w/ you")

Well I was the key to the D--alright?
I get the pressure that causes fright,
Their so scared I might knock out the ball,
until they started hearing my foot falls,
Guard to the left of me,
Center to the right, here I am,
With my monster muscly arms.

Yes, with my monster muscly arms,
They're all wondering what they should do,
It's impossible to block me in space,
Taking control, yeah, I'm all over the place,
Guard to the left of me, Center to the right,
Here I am, stomping a mud hole in you.

Well I started on the Niners,
But tore my Achilles tendon,
Tim Ruskell came callin',
Slaps me on the back and says,

Trying to make a play for the ball,
The Rams drive I'll single-handedly stall,
It's cool to take Bulger to the floor,
So I think I'll do it once more,
Guard to left of me, Center to the right,
Here I am, Mr. Muscly Arms,
Yes I'm, Mr. Muscly Arms.

Well that was supremely stupid, but what's blogging for if not satisfying the occasional wild hair.

Julian Peterson was the undisputed defensive MVP for the 2006 Hawks. Beyond Walter Jones and arguably Matt Hasselbeck he's the Hawks most indispensable player. He provided bottled pass rush to a D that suffered numerous injuries and the decline of a number of aging vets. Before Rocky Bernard began his extended period of injury and ineffective play in week ten, Peterson had record eight sacks and four stuffs. Peterson's second half decline is not too surprising, because without Bernard, he became the Hawks lone dominant pass rusher and was thus subject to frequent double teams.

Peterson also improved his run defense. He recorded a near career high in tackles to go along with his career high in sacks. Peterson is considered an excellent coverage linebacker, but Seattle found a way of getting worse at defending TEs. They fell from 20 in 2005 to 26 in 2006. Methinks that might be Leroy Hill's fault.

Entering 2007 a supremely fit 29, there is every reason to expect an even better performance from Mr. Muscly Arms.

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