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Michael Allan

Allan is already noteworthy for being the only division III player invited to the combine, but in the next couple of days he has a chance to do something much flashier: knock the socks off of NFL scouts. The guy is the anti-Jerramy Stevens: coming out of high school he was completely ignored by the big programs, but through hard-work and a surprising late growth spurt has turned himself into a potential pro.

You got to think the Seahawks have the inside track on this young man, he's a Bellevue native and Ruskell loves players who stand-out because of hard-work and performance and not simply because of hollow combine stats and theories about their projectability. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one to love the local scrappy white-boy just because he's the local scrappy white-boy, but should Allan cut muster I'd welcome him with open arms, because I appreciate nothing more than someone who lives every day like they have something to prove.

Allan is one more reason Stevens should go and Hawk fans shouldn't fret about who will be playing tight end next fall.

[Update] Doug Farrar, the resident Seahawks writer for Football Outsiders, has a nice little piece about Allan on It sounds like Allan tore up the combine, posting a combine best broad jump (meh), and also the second best vertical (36") and the second best 40.0 (4.71).

I figure we are about a week from a total local media blow up about Allan.