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May the Hoopla Begin

The Broncos can have Daniel Graham. His blocking will be an asset in their zone blocking scheme, but if they are expecting much else...well I'm happy he's not a Hawk. [UPDATE Doh! Graham is still on the market.]

The Niners are, as expected, leading the Adalius Thomas charge and may have already landed Nate Clements. If the Clements report is true, consider me surprised. He would be a great sign for San Francisco, whose #2 cornerback, Shawntae Spencer, sucks.

Kris Dielman will meet with the Seahawks today, hopefully the Hawks can find a way to blow him away before he visits Cleveland, Miami, Dallas...

In that same story Sando mentions 30 y/o defensive end Patrick Kerney; uh, no thank you. If he's cheap, Kerney could make a decent situational pass rusher, but that's about it. [UPDATE Sando is reporting that Denver plans on doing what is takes to sign the aged one, Kerney. Graham? Kerney? What's with the over-the-hill former star fetish? Has Ted Sundquist been attacked by a Brian Sabean brain slug?

Derrick Dockery is making the rounds, but no link to Seattle so far. I think it's fair to say he won't be a Seahawk next fall, color me disappointed.

More as it comes in.