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I'm Back From Break, But Stevens & Hamlin May Not Be.

Hey there Gulls. Thanks for your patience as I've taken this month off to recalibrate, get the other business initiatives off the ground, and do some physical cleansing you probably don't want to know about. Giant squids were involved. Very unseemly.

Anyway, so, right back into the fire are we, although Morgan's been keeping you abreast fairly well. I'll try to get everyone caught up.

The big story, at this particular moment, is the rumor that the Seahawks are about to cut their ties with TE Jerramy Stevens.

Bretticus just reported that Kornheiser & Wilbon reported this on Pardon The Interruption, and I heard the same thing. So we can definitely confirm that this rumor is... uh, we can confirm that the rumor exists.

ESPN just seconds ago reported that free agent Ken Hamlin is paying a visit to the Saints' headquarters, and that the 49ers have also expressed an interest.

We'll keep you updated.