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Kris Dielman Flirts With Hawks, But Stays With Chargers

As mentioned in the diaries (somewhere), free agent OL Kris Dielman from the Chargers is paying a visit to Seattle right now this very minute. For more on this story, I quote the intrepid reporter "Staff": has learned that sources close to the situation say they do not expect free agent OL Kris Dielman, who is presently touring the Seattle Seahawks practice facility, to leave Seattle without signing a contract. It's believed Dielman will be looking to sign for about what G Steve Hutchinson signed for last year.
No word or confirmation on anything else yet. I think I'll have some Chex Mix.

Update [2007-3-3 14:54:12 by Shrug]: And that's the end of that: The San Diego Union-Tribune reports (as does MFAN) that Dielman will return to the Chargers in a 6-year deal. Reportedly Dielman balked at the Seahawks' monetary offer and chose to stay in San Diego.