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2007 Field Gulls Community Draft: Alpha Test

Here's an example of a quickly assembled mock for the Hawks. It took about a half an hour to assemble and is just meant to focus the discussion a little bit. I want to know what people like about this plan and what or who they don't like.

This draft assumes that the Hawks move Jackson and a 4th round pick for Minnesota's 2nd round pick.

  1. Justin Blalock--I figure this guy is a sure thing. Perhaps the only real mauler at guard in this year's draft.
  2. Brandon Meriweather--Good coverage guy, versatile. Can fill in at CB or S.
  3. Paul Soliai--Run stopper who can pressure the QB in a pinch. Incredible potential.
  4. Kevin Boss--Will he fall this far? Maybe. Fast, big and more agile than Michael Allan.
  5. Dwayne Wright--Good receiver and blocker; good cut-back runner. Should play well in short yardage situations.
  6. Justin Durant--Not sure this guy will fall this far, but if he does, he could be the type of player to effectively spell Hill on passing downs. Quick, undersized.
I'll run two more tester drafts before unveiling my full, detailed mock draft on Thursday. My NFL knowledge >> my college football knowledge and that's one of the big reasons I'm calling for some help on these picks. I've never seen any of these players play, that makes this sort of tricky, but with enough research and everyone's collective opinion I think we can make a respectable mock. I missed the geek off, but allow me to say I was the debate team captain for two years; I'm looking for thoughtful well reasoned arguments.