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Sports Blog Nation Mock NFL Draft '07 -- Hosted By Field Gulls

We could not be prouder to announce the first-ever Sports Blog Nation Mock NFL Draft -- except if we were to announce that the draft would be hosted by Field Gulls. Which, holy cow, it is!

This very site, by virtue of the Seahawks not having a first-round pick this year, will be the Sports Blog Nation's central point for the Mock Draft. The owners of all the Nation's NFL blogs will be checking in here throughout the next 30 days or so to make their picks. I expect some commentary will also ensue.

This is big because the eyes of the NFL wing of the Nation will be upon us for about a month. So please, at least wear a clip-on. Also, I need to put some muzzles on order.

More details on this as we get all the administration set up. The action's tentatively slated to get moving in a couple days.