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Sando: David Carr Might Pay Seattle a Visit

Semi-surprising speculation from Our Lord of the News-Tribune: Sando reports that QB David Carr may pay the Seahawks a visit next week, as he seeks a new team after getting unceremoniously cut by the Houston Texans (

Verrrrr-y interesting. Carr, the first draft pick in Texan history, was cut by Houston last week, in a move that suggested that perhaps Al Davis is no longer the most impetuous owner in the league. Carr had one year of very nice fantasy stats, but of course was getting repeatedly sacked way before Alberto Gonzales's Department Of Justice made sacking the cool thing to do.

However, Carr was playing for the Texans. We're talking one seriously bent learning curve. Now he's the relatively prime age of 27, and looking for a team to helm. And according to Sando, the Seahawks are considering talking to him, presumably about becoming the new #2 quarterback. Which would leave Seneca Wallace out to dry.

Don't think this will happen -- there are probably many more teams more desperate for a player of Carr's potential (that's "potential") (I said POTENTIAL) that are willing to shine his shoes a little more vigorously. I also question the wisdom of cutting Wallace for Carr -- although, if I sit and smell some salts and think about it a minute, it's at least intriguing. But I don't... nah, I don't...

Hey, Sando said it! I didn't!