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SBN Mock Draft: Pick No. 2

No. 2

Pick by Buc 'Em

Calvin Johnson
Wide Receiver
Georgia Tech

We caught up with JScott from the SBN Tampa Bay blog Buc 'Em and, with the kind of in-your-face journalism with which we've become synonymous, forced him to offer his impressions on the trade that got him this pick, and the logic behind picking Calvin "Not The Guy Who Runs K Records" Johnson:

And anxiety said "You've got to TRADE-UP!" Actually Sean from Pride of Detroit (our Detroit Lions blog) put the fear of Matt Millen in me and forced my hand. (Millen inspiring "fear"? Now that's funny! -- Ed.) As a matter of fact, Sean, are you Matt's son? All jokes aside, Calvin Johnson is the one player in this draft that Buc fans have collectively been salivating over since he announced his decision to turn pro.

Trade Specifics: The Lions traded us their 2nd Pick in the Draft for our 4th Pick and for our 32nd Pick in the 2nd Round of the Draft. We were willing to throw in QB Jake Plummer, but even the Lions wanted no part of "The Snake." Aside from being the best player in SB Nation's First Annual Mock Draft, we hope that Calvin can alleviate an abundance of stress from the O-Line, Cadillac Williams, and starting QB Jeff Garcia. Calvin should immediately see playing time, spark what has been a somewhat unmotivated offense, and push Michael Clayton to new heights or further down the depth chart.

Above all Gruden is enamored with Calvin: "He's 6-foot-5, 240 pounds, he runs fast and his standing broad jump was almost 11-8. To say that gets your attention is an understatement."

Cleveland, you beat us in the coin-toss, but we are proud to say, "You are now on the Clock."

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