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Dielman Shocked and Stunned That It Rains in Seattle In the First Week of March

Did the Seahawks low-ball Kris Dielman when he arrived here? No.

Did they not convince him of his potential worth to the franchise? No.

Did the limo not have fresh mineral water? Well, I dunno, but I don't see why it wouldn't have.

No, the reason Kris Dielman spurned the Seahawks' offer of more money to come play in Seattle? It was raining the day he got here.

"They didn't do (anything) wrong," Dielman said of the Seahawks, "but I'm happy here. I just couldn't get myself to be happy there. Seattle, man, it's raining all the time."

So much for any analyses on Dielman's mental toughness. How can you adjust to a line shift if you can't adjust to 45 degree weather?