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Scout.Com: Kerney, Graham, Others Currently Grappling with Seattle's Punishing 54-Degree Weather reports that another round of NFL free agents are currently enjoying a complimentary night at the Westin and perhaps nice seats at the Chita Rivera show on the Seahawks' tab:

  • Patrick Kearny, DE Atlanta. Now prohibitively the #1 target on Ruskell's list, Kearny is a pass-rush specialist who was hobbled by a biceps injury last season. He also has ties to new Seahawk assistant coach Jim Mora Jr. Wait... Mora's still here, right? He is? Okay, good then. I heard he might've slipped out for some "cigarettes."
  • Daniel Graham, TE New England. We all know the tight end situation with Seattle. I am still waiting for rock-hard confirmation that Jerramy Stevens has been cut loose. It may depend on whether the Seahawks sign Graham, a proven team leader with the Patriots who played alongside current Hawks Deion Branch and Tom Ashworth. Either way, we're looking at a tradeoff here. Graham is a fantastic leader, but isn't getting any younger. Stevens has fantastic raw skills, but... well, you know.
  • Deon Grant, FS Jacksonville. Decent, reliable, if not game-breaking contingency plan in case Ken Hamlin leaves town.
  • Cooper Carlisle, G Denver. More transition for the o-line?
  • T.J. Duckett, RB Washington. A name I have not heard brought up until tonight. Potentially a backup plan to reinforce Alexander and Morris in the backfield and in goal-line situations, although it would be nice to see if Leonard Weaver has anything in store for the Seahawks in '07.