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Seahawks Grab Kerney: 6 Yrs., $19.5M Guaranteed

Patrick Kerney is a Seahawk, sealed up for 6 years and $39.5M, $19.5M guaranteed.

According to the ESPN article as written by John Clayton above, Kerney made the decision to sign with the Seahawks over the Broncos en route from Seattle to Atlanta. Clayton also reports that the Seahawks and Broncos face another potential bidding war in the signing rights to tight end Daniel Graham, which probably won't be as breathlessly exciting as this.

Were it not for the price tag -- which I always freak out about anyway, so don't pay my anxiety too much real attention -- I'd really like this signing. Despite Kerney's languishing on the IR for most of '06, he's a solid pass rusher who could balance the front line of the defense and open up some new avenues of pressure. He's quick and bull-headed. You could almost say tenacious. In fact, I will say it: "tenacious."

In other news, Seattle re-signed Josh Parry. The congratulations card is going around the office; please make sure you sign it.

MFAN broke the story.