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Broncos Get Graham

The free agency mini-spar between the Seahawks and Broncos ends, purportedly, in a draw: the Boston Globe's Mike Reiss reports that former Patriot TE Daniel Graham has been snapped up by Denver, for 5 years and $30M, $15M guaranteed. That's, um, pretty steep. (More elucidation from Doug Farrar of

This clouds up the open tight end position for the Seahawks, who were in the pursuit for the Super Bowl veteran. It would seem to indicate a chance for Jerramy Stevens to return to the team -- but he's in Tampa Bay this very moment, speaking to the Bucs.

There's also -- heh, heh -- um, you know, there's -- ha -- uhhh -- you know -- Randy -- uh -- McMichael -- haha...

Anyway. Who we got?