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Incidentally: We Have More Sites

Part of the thing about taking a sabbatical and letting the inmates run the asylum giving up the spotlight is slacking on the new Sports Blog Nation site announcements. In the case of SB Nation's NFL division, we have several new ones to hep all you cats to (click on the links to see the boss new logos):

  • Big Blue View is dedicated to some folks who are probably pretty pissed off at us, the New York Giants. BBV also completes our NFC East lineup.
  • At long last, we got ourselves a Green Bay Packers blog: Acme Packing Company. This also completes our NFC North contingent.
  • Buc 'Em is a new internet shrine to all things Chucky, which is to say it's about our fellow Classmates of '76, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • And the South becomes the first division of the AFC to get full representation on SB Nation, thanks to the new Houston Texans site Battle Red Blog.
Who got the gift baskets?