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Trying to cross the boulevard, playing Frogger with his life.

Ouch. Premier young cornerback Adam--don't call me Ms.--"Pacman" Jones has been suspended, w/o pay, for the entire 2007 season. That's a huge blow to a Titans team that showed a lot of life late last year. It's mootable whether this is the best thing for Jones, who may suffer without the structure provided by the league, but if Roger Goodell intends this decision to be precedent setting, it certainly represents a new direction for discipline administered by the NFL. I'm sure the Cincinnati Bengals have taken notice as has our very own "Salty Senorita".

Character just became that much more valuable in the draft.

While we're airing dirty laundry, former Seahawk Warren Moon was arrested for a DUI. Moon is a private citizen now, so I'll leave this story without comment, but I figured Hawk fans would want to know.