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SBN Mock Draft: Pick No. 25 (Finally)

No. 25

Pick by General Consensus

Greg Olsen
Tight End
Miami FL

The guest blogger who we lined up to make the pick for the New York Jets was flying a single-engine Cessna over the Atlantic, when all of a sudden he was carried off on the shoulders of some very attractive Greek nymphs to a land of plenty, where his every need will be met by fawning women who all look exactly like Cheryl Ladd. The boy will never want for mangoes or stringed instruments again. However, it means somebody needed to make his frickin' pick for the mock draft, so we of the Sports Blog Nation's NFL wing bum-rushed his spot in line and picked for him. I assure you, we're not happy about this. We'd rather be with nymphs. We've worked very hard all our lives, and all we ask for in return are some goddamn nymphs.

Anyway. Duty calls. The New York Jets pick Greg Olsen of the Miami Hurricanes because we say so. Here's some of his stats.

Philadelphia, you're on the clock. Bleeding Green Nation will restore efficiency and decorum to this whole process.