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SBN Mock Draft: Pick No. 29

No. 29

Pick by General Consensus

Justin Blalock
Offensive Guard

Since we have no Ravens blog, the Baltimore pick was made by a consortium of the SBN bloggers representing their divisonal opponents. That means that our Steelers, Browns and Bengals bloggers had to simulate having the Ravens' best interests at heart. Ain't easy, I can tell you. Here's what Blitzburgh of Behind the Steel Curtain has to say about the pick made by the fake Ravens team, which is technically speaking even more fake that the rest of us:

Baltimore's top need this offseason is along the offensive line, where they need a starting tackle, as well as depth at guard and center. With this draft's best tackles already off the board, the Baltimore Ravens select Justin Blalock, an offensive guard from the University of Texas.

Blalock is a tad undersized to play tackle in the NFL, but during his four years as a starter for the Longhorns, Blalock was versatile enough to play both positions. He's strong as a bull and has a mean streak that offensive line coaches dream of.

Blalock is technically very sound and has all the ingredients needed to develop into a steady starter in the league. Blalock could make a Pro Bowl or two in his career, while his "risk factor" is virtually zero.

San Diego is on the clock. That's coming from another consensus pick. Should be very exciting. Hold on tight.