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Damn you NFL for giving me nothing to write about! -or- more fun with Darrell Jackson

It's all D-Jack all the time, so by popular demand...sort-of--I present the teams that have shown interest in Darrell Jackson and why. The first five are teams that have been reported to have contacted Seattle.

The New Orleans Saints: There's nothing that provokes a team to make irrational moves quite like a surprise playoff run. After ambushing the league with an improbable NFC championship birth (where they were handed their ass) New Orleans is looking for "finished" players who can compliment a championship caliber core. Marques Colston is the presumed #1 receiver, but he's strictly a possession receiver and the recent history of wide outs who have exploded on the league their rookie season (think Micheal Clayton and Keary Colbert) has been less than reassuring. Devery Henderson is a great deep weapon, but is best suited for the slot. I think the Saints are in line for some heavy duty regression next year, but you can understand their interest. Jackson would upgrade a position of need on a team thinking championship.

The San Francisco 49ers: No doubt, San Francisco could use a legitimate wide receiver and the draft has been pretty unkind to them at that position, but as rivals within the same conference a move between these two would be surprising. Neither has any incentive to improve the other. The Seahawks, especially, would be remiss to give up a top receiver to the team that nearly snatched the division out from under them. It's not impossible, though. You can certainly see why San Francisco would be interested. Despite their reputation as an up-and-coming team, they are decidedly old at a number of key positions. Further, Mike Nolan might be a little concerned that his young signal caller's growth could be stunted by a lack of talent around him. Still, don't count on this going down, as the potential upshot of an interconference trade will likely scare off both parties.

The Jacksonville Jaguars: Don't tell Jacksonville, but they don't need Jackson. Williams, Wilford and Jones aren't an elite wide receiving corps, but Jones is entering his third season, Wilford has shown decent chops as a possession guy and Williams displayed a warm body last year after two years of pre-death necrosis. It's a solid base of young talent that a defensive minded team can win with. What Jacksonville really needs is improved pass-blocking by O-line and to figure out who their starting QB is and stick with him.

The Chicago Bears: What's up Bears fans? Still smarting? You won't like what I have to say next, then: Unless D-Jack has some yet undiscovered quarterback ability, he's not the tonic Chi-Town needs to get over the Super Bowl hump. Muhsin "Prophet" Muhammad did a respectable job of using solid route running and excellent body positioning to stave off the effects of age, but his speed is gone and his days starting in the NFL are numbered. Bernard Berrian had a big break out in his third season and barring injury should continue to be an excellent deep threat for the next few seasons, but Chicago could definitely use a well-rounded receiver of Jackson's ilk: A guy who runs crisp routes and can consistently find holes in zone coverage. He's not going to turn Sex Cannon into a competent QB, though, and with little depth behind the former and future star of the IR, Chicago would be smarter drafting a QB with their second or third round selection. Maybe both.

The Green Bay Packers: Back-to-back solid drafts has me thinking Green Bay is destined for a break out in 2007 and has a real shot at the NFC North title. So be prepared to be sick to death hearing about former drug addict, now drug monger, Brett Favre. Jackson makes perfect sense for a young team with an aging superstar manning the helm. He's a win now pick-up that doesn't sacrifice the future. The Fudge-Pack need starters and depth at wide receiver and Jackson already knows the system. Jackson could probably be had for a third round pick and future considerations. Good move for both teams.

Here's two more that haven't contacted the Hawks but could use Jackson.

The Minnesota Vikings: For those who aren't real savvy on recent history, The Seahawks and Vikings front offices don't like each other. That would likely put the kibosh on any trade going down, but, god knows, the Vikings could use a wide receiver. Not only are they bereft of talent at the position, but after using a second round pick on Tavaris Jackson, Minny could use a reliable set of hands (quit snickering Hawk fans) to give a T-Jack a fair chance of succeeding in the NFL. He won't, but don't tell international man of treachery Rob Brzezinski.

San Diego Chargers: The Chargers are a Super Bowl contender. Their strength is young talent, but while that might indicate a conservative approach to personnel moves is in order, that can be a dangerous assumption. Don't look now, but LT2 is 28 and premier young tackle Marcus McNeill has the kind of injury concerns that can go from 0 to career threatening in one play. Vincent Jackson is entering his third season in the NFL and has the markings of a break out candidate, but the Chargers could really use an established play maker and red zone threat at second wide out. San Diego's division looks to be craptacular in 2007, with Larry Johnson primed for a break down on an ancient offense, Oakland being Oakland and god-knows-what Denver is doing. The title is once again San Diego's for the taking. A rookie wide out is not going to give the Chargers the production they need; D-Jack is exactly the kind of player that helps good teams like San Diego become great.