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Mock Draft Update

Wonder where the sports blog mock draft has gone? I, as much user as writer, have as well. It seems to have resurfaced over at Pride of Detroit. Here's a link to the draft results through the 47th pick. A couple interesting picks, there. Cleveland takes a center despite still having LeCharles Bentley under contract. I understand that Bentley's future is uncertain, but a center can be had in almost any round. Picking one in the second round--especially when you consider that Ryan Kalil is barely big enough to play center and certainly couldn't move to tackle or guard--virtually guarantees that no matter Bentley's fate he will be cut. Curious move. Also a bit of a head-scratcher for me is Chicago not drafting Drew Stanton w/ the 37th pick. After Quinn and, um, yeah, Stanton is the quarterback most likely to succeed in the NFL in this year's draft. Chicago needs depth and a possible long-term replacement for Rex Grossman as early as next year. Seriously, Chicago, sticking with Grossman because "he's the quarterback that got you there" is completely illogical.

Talking about quarterbacks, David Lewin has his yearly QB projections up at Football Outsiders. As anyone who has been reading this site knows, it's much higher on Brady Quinn than Jamarcus Russell. I love Lewin's system not only because it's accurate, but because it proves that prospect projection isn't just guesswork. As more and better information becomes available analysts and informed fans should be able to have an ever more precise idea of the value of draftees and free agents. Serious football analysis is in its infancy, but the future is exciting.