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SBN Mock Draft: Pick No. 9

No. 9

Pick by The Phinsider

Brady Quinn
Notre Dame

Fresh off Monday's release of QB Daunte Culpepper, Phinatic from The Phinsider philosophizes like a phantom:

There's no secret that most Dolphin this is the guy that most Dolphin fans want to see in Miami. The Dolphins have not drafted a QB in the first round since Dan Marino, and this year would be the perfect time to put an end to it. Quinn will bring his leadership, work ethic, and pure talent to Miami where Cam Cameron and QB coach Terry Shea can work with him and mold him to be the QB of the future for this team.

As far as the SBN Mock Draft goes, I was seriously contemplating moving up in the draft to grab Quinn once he fell past the #3 pick. In fact, following the Lions selection of Gaines Adams, I had struck a deal with the Vikings to move up to #7 in order to take Quinn. I would have given up Miami's later 2nd round pick (#60). However, once the Cardinals took Levi Brown, I told the Vikings rep that we would not be trading. I knew the Redskins would be going defensive line. That meant that with just 2 picks in front of me, Quinn, LaRon Landry, and Adrian Peterson were left, assuring that I would be able to grab one of them. It's no secret that the Falcons want Landry so I just had to think about whether or not the Vikings would take Quinn or Peterson.

In the end, it played out like I thought it would. The Skins took Jamaal Amderson, the Vikes took Peterson, and the Falcons took Landry, which allowed Brady Quinn to fall to our laps. Now, if only the real NFL Draft can play out like this one has!!

Houston, I do believe you are on the clock. Next pick by Battle Red Blog.