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Holy Smokes!! It's our pick!

Looks like our mock draft pick is going to preempt my TE piece. Briefly, here's the lowdown: Zach Miller is an awesome route-runner and receiver who was hurt too much by his combine performance. Tight end is a "skill position" and therefore is less about a player's forty or bench and more about his ability to see holes in the zone and compete for jump balls. Miller is the best receiver in the draft and the Hawks might just be lucky enough to have him fall to them. Also, tight end has a vast middle class this year. The best of which is Kevin Boss. I would be elated to see Boss in Seahawk grey next year. But on to our pick...
For the next 60 minutes I will keep this thread open so everyone can discuss who we should pick. To narrow the discussion here is a short list of players I'm considering in no particular order: Paul Soliai, Baraka Atkins, Kevin Boss, Josh Beekman, Allen Barbre, Brandon Frye, and James Marten.

Soliai is the best talent. Atkins could be a force at defensive end. Both have shown that most deadly character flaw, though, lack of motivation. Boss is a second round talent who suffered a shoulder injury that has pushed his stock way down. I think he is far and away the best available talent of the remaining tight ends, but, again, it's a deep class. Beekman is severely undersized for the guard position and is probably more of a center prospect in the NFL. Barbre, Frye and Marten are all quality guards, but one is almost certainly going to slip to the second day.

Boss fills the most pressing need, but if Marcus Tubbs fails to return healthy, Soliai could be godsend for a team that couldn't stop the long run in Tubbs' absence. Atkins is a nice combination of need and value, the kind of third rounder with first round talent. Truthfully, I'm not too worried about his character concerns. He's very smart player and one that could take off under the right coaching.

So, roughly, I'd rank them: Atkins, Boss, Soliai. Now it's your turn. Take it away.