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Open Thread: Seahawks Mock, 2007

A lot has happened since I posted my last mock draft, and unfortunately nearly every player I selected has been invalidated for some reason or another. I'm on a time crunch, so let's not mince words. This draft fuses my attempts at talent evaluation with an honest assessment of each player's draft position and Tim Ruskell's style and preferences. In other words, this mock draft is not just what I want to happen but what I think can or will happen and will be satisfied with.

  1. Demarcus Tyler DT: Zach Miller would be a dream come true at 55 and it's not impossible he drops, but Tyler is the expected pick. Tyler has fearsome upper body strength and a chip on his shoulder that could sink the Titanic. He's an excellent one gap defender who will record a few sacks but collapses the pocket regularly. Tyler's impact might best be witnessed through the achievement of his teammates, like Paul Soliai but without the concerns about effort, Tyler will be a boon for our ends, and especially, our very talented linebacking corps.
  2. Michael Bush RB: Bush has first round talent and top twenty potential. Famed Med-Head, Dr. James Andrews recently quoted him at 99 percent, but he's still expected to fall. Bush's combination of power-running and versatility out of the backfield is a perfect fit for Holmgren's offense and would give Seattle a weapon not seen since Shaun Alexander's early years. Ruskell has hinted that if he thinks a player capable of being the long-term replacement for Alexander is available, he'll draft him. For me, that's Michael Bush in the third.
  3. Kevin Boss, TE: Boss absolutely won't last past the fourth, and might not make it into the second day, but I don't see this as far-fetched so I'll run with it. Boss is a departure from Jerramy Stevens who was leaner and a better seam-stretcher, but with five talented receivers on the roster and an open interest in Daniel Graham during the offseason, Boss might be a better fit for what the Hawks need now: A tight that can block and is reliable underneath. Less Jeremy Shockey, more Jason Witten.
  4. Brandon Frye OL: My preferred pick is (duh) Justin Blalock, but Doug Free in the second would also be awesome, too. I pick Frye because I think he represents the best value. I wouldn't be surprised to see Frye snatched up in the fourth, but he could easily fall this far and for a team looking guard, Frye won't disappoint. Might be a bit of a developmental player, but the tools are there. See previous post.
  5. Allen Barbre OL: Sometimes the best way to address a need is with more than one high-potential guy. Barbre rates pretty well on my system and has the footwork to pull and the frame to add strength. This is what I've said about him previously.
  6. Mkristo Bruce DE: Local guy that might be undervalued for the wrong reasons. Great first step. See previous post.
  7. Dallas Sartz LB: Former teammate of Lofa Tatupu. Good football intelligence and quickness, but borderline athleticism and speed. He will need to keep himself in good position to be effective and if fooled can be easily taken out of the play. Could be a playmaker on special teams and sub for Leroy Hill in a pinch. Depth.
Now let's see yours.