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Jackson to San Francisco

Super-reader and news breaker extraordinaire MFAN brings us this disheartening link. Michael Smith sounds pretty smugly self-assured, so I think it's the real deal.

The good news is that 4th round picks are pretty valuable, as they're the first round of the second day, the round where sleepers who fell get scooped up. A fourth round pick could be used on, say, a Kevin Boss, Michael Allan or Brandon Frye.

The bad news is that whatever value Seattle is able to get from this pick is almost certainly negated by Jackson's contribution to a team in our own division, and then some. The math isn't too hard to do here: Seattle could have a first round pick (or Justin Blalock if you prefer) and Jackson, right now, or a fourth round pick and Deion Branch. Even if Jackson had continued to fight injuries, Seattle is almost uniquely capable of weathering the loss, with three NFL ready receivers on the roster.

Not sure quite what to make of this, but Tim Ruskell's recent moves call to mind another Seattle GM who excels at the draft but founders everywhere else. The Hawks success has certainly bought him time, but this offseason has seen our opponents get better and the Hawks get older.