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ESPN: Seahawks Close to Trading Jackson to S.F.?

As MFAN reports in his diary to the right, the Seahawks and 49ers are in serious discussions about trading Jackson to San Francisco for a 4th-round pick. The 49ers are loaded with picks this year, and with former Seahawk Trent Dilfer on the SF sidelines as a backup, Jackson has a strong ally pushing for his acquisition.

However, Sando reminds everyone, ain't nothin' done yet. He warns that another deal from another team could come at any minute, mentioning in an aside that Jackson himself is in Tampa Bay this evening. Another deal could come in and trump this one.

It certainly seems, however, that given Jackson aces his physicals, a transaction of some sort will take place. A 4th-round pick? Well... at first it was an eye-raiser, but it also speaks to the trepidation an oft-injured receiver brings out in executives. In any case, nobody seems to be terribly despondent about it.

Will update. Thanks to MFAN for catching it. I was doing something else.