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Bucs Sign Jerramy Stevens

I expect we'll catch up on all the draft picks over the week, and the rest of the off-season, but in additional news, Jerramy Stevens is now the Buccaneers' problem, according to How far into their description of their new tight end will they get until we read some synonym of the word "troubled"? Let's see...

Not only did the Bucs pick up 10 new draft picks this weekend. They also signed a player with a troubled
21 words. And it's not even a synonym, it's the actual word. Well, beginner's luck.

Our friends at Buc 'Em have welcomed Jerramy into the fold in their own way: "The Bucs have signed USELESS TE Jerramy Stevens..." Aw, he's not useless. For one thing, I hear he throws great parties. Ain't that right, Astoria Condominium Board?

All right. Close the book on that one.