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SBN Mock Draft: Pick No. 10

No. 10

Pick by Buffalo Bills Nation

Patrick Willis

After making a blockbuster trade to obtain the tenth pick (that was the giant, rolling earthquake you felt), Brian G from Buffalo Bills Nation explains his choice of the Ole Miss standout:

Trading up to pick 10 wasn't an easy decision - the Bills have a lot of needs, and four first-day picks would really help to build depth on a young team. But dealing the #12 and #92 picks wasn't too big of a deal - we still have selections in the first three rounds, and our second- and third-round picks are relatively high in their respective rounds. So we can still get future starters there.

It's obvious to most Bills fans that linebacker is Buffalo's biggest need - the team lost Fletcher-Baker and Spikes this off-season, and while they still have two players who can start, depth is sketchy at best.

Now they don't have to worry about that - Willis played inside in college and would assume that role in Buffalo's Cover-2 scheme. Buffalo's porous run defense is immediately upgraded by Willis' presence - he is a fast, attacking linebacker who is always around the ball. In addition, Willis has promise dropping back into coverage, although admittedly he must refine his technique there. With Crowell and second-year man Keith Ellison on the roster, however, Willis would not be counted on immediately in a nickel role, allowing him to develop those skills.

Leon Hall, Darrelle Revis, Marshawn Lynch and Robert Meachem were also serious considerations at this spot. In the end, Willis was the best prospect out of that group and has the biggest impact on Buffalo in 2007 and in future years. The trade was necessitated by San Francisco's presence at pick 11 - sacrificing pick 92 for the best defensive playmaker in the draft was an easy one to make."

Thanks, Brian, who'll be on the SB Nation blogroll soon, I hope. San Francisco, you are on the clock. Next pick by Niners Nation.