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SBN Mock Draft: Pick No. 23

No. 23

Pick by Arrowhead Pride

Ted Ginn Jr.
Wide Receiver
Ohio State

Chris from Arrowhead Pride says:

In 2007, the Chiefs main areas of need are wide receiver, defensive tackle and the offensive line. We got a left tackle from the Dolphins, a defensive lineman from the Bears and a slew of linebacker free agent pickups. It was unlikely we were going to make any moves in the off season for a WR so the draft was the most logical place to address this need.

Arrowhead Pride chose Ted Ginn Jr. because first and foremost, I was surprised he was still around. Most mock drafts had him going in the middle of the 1st round and only a couple projected that the Chiefs would actually pick him up. Our Mock Draft Tracker showed the majority of mock drafts having us taking a wide receiver, with Dwayne Bowe receiving the most picks. I casually had it in the back of my mind that if Ted Ginn Jr. did fall to us, we had to take him.

He is explosive and as dangerous a player as any that the Chiefs have had in the last few years. His only drawback may be his size as he is listed as 6 ft even. But Ginn makes up for that in the special teams department. Ever since Dante Hall started to run backwards on kick returns, the Chiefs have had a void at a position that arguably won them 4 games in 2003. Ginn brings that game changing ability back to the Chiefs special teams.

I mentioned this yesterday on AP but I really like the idea of pairing up Brodie Croyle with a young wideout. The Chiefs have lacked a great QB to WR combo for most of their franchise history. I would love to see Croyle and Ginn develop into a deadly passing combo. Am I wishing for too much? Eh, probably but the potential is definitely there. We got ourselves a play maker and our aging offense will appreciate it.

New England, you're on the clock. Don't say the Seahawks never got you anything. Pats Pulpit, you'll be our next contestant.