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AOL FanHouse: Grant Wistrom Retires

As Coach Owens first reported in his diary, AOL Fanhouse is saying that Grant Wistrom is retiring. This comes less than a month after his release from the Seahawks. Did anybody see this coming? 30 years old?

Waiting to confirm as, oddly, only AOL is reporting it at this moment. Good catch, Coach.

Update [2007-4-6 2:18:8 by Shrug]: Perhaps I should read the articles a little more carefully -- AOL FanHouse is saying that "according to the NFL Network," Wistrom is retiring.

Judging from how every other media outlet is slow to pick that up, I don't know what that means. (Well, for one thing, it means it's a story about Grant Wistrom -- Ed.) What does it mean when someone says, "Oh, the official flagship, ultimate insider cable network of your favorite sport reported it," and you say to yourself, "Oh... then we definitely better wait for confirmation..."?

Jeez. Just typing that makes me see mental pictures of sad clowns in cheap bars.

Update [2007-4-6 3:12:31 by Shrug]: Okay, now has the story (scroll way down). But check it: "The 30-year-old Wistrom, whom the St. Louis Rams drafted with the sixth overall pick in 1998, plans to retire. He always could change his mind this summer, once training camp arrives and he stays home, but those who know him say that Wistrom is finished."

Translation: Give Grant all the best, but don't rule out a golf-course conversion in mid-June.