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Off-Season Brainstorming

I'm starting to think about next season and some of the stuff that I would like to do around here and would like to hear some feedback/ideas.

Shrug mentioned the one year anniversary of Field Gulls, does anyone have any good ideas about what to do or where to do it?

I'm also interested in continuing to increase the number of active users around here, but it's a fine balance between building the site and keeping away the trolls. In a week or so, when I'm done with all the 2006 recaps, I plan on archiving those and then figuring out a way to spread the word about Field Gulls. Does anyone have any experience in building a website's readership? Any advice is appreciated.  

Instead of writing five part game previews, I was thinking of condensing the game preview into a single podcast. I have no experience on the radio, but was my school's debate team captain my sophomore and junior years (yes, I'm a complete effin' nerd) so I think I have the skills. What does everyone think about that? It would be good for me because it would save a lot of time and I have a lot of other stuff I want to do for the new season, including...

I plan on doing complete game charting for next season, each week (likely Tuesday on a Sunday game) I'll present the results. I'd like to know if anyone has some good ideas for what I should try and track and if anyone would like to chart games themselves. The keys are: Sobriety and Accuracy--better incomplete info than flawed info.

I still plan on doing an individual match-ups piece each week, but will be using something I remember from my childhood to compare players, star shaped graphs like this: (Hmmm...can't find any good examples, but hopefully I'll be able to generate an example soon enough)

With a more robust SB network of sites, I would like to see some more interaction--especially with our division rivals. Scruff, you seem surly enough to function as our version of Chad, maybe we can make you our official emissary of smack.

Finally, I plan on creating a rudimentary version of Win Probability Added for Hawk games. I think it will be fun to throw that up on Monday with a short commentary while I'm compiling my game charting info and preparing the podcast.

Basically, I'm looking to do more stuff with more variety, but without swallowing all of my free time. I'm restarting my graduate, starting my post-graduate studies at Portland State come fall (it's fun to put yourself through college, it really is.) so in some ways I'll have more free time and in some ways I'll have a lot less. So, anyway, what sounds good? Anything specific you'd like to see done around here? I'm interested in everyone's opinions.